Each level refers to a year of training of the EVC with themes of Love, creativity,
discernment, accompaniment.

You can visit the complete video or visit each level, one by one.

The complete video : St Ignatius’ Castle



One can discover the beauty and joy of God’s loving tenderness inviting us to an experience of love.

My five senses, my relationships, my deep interior questions help me to enjoy thousands of small daily pleasures which embelish my life.

The commitment with God.
« My creator is my Spouse.» « Cry shouts of joy.» .
« I will betroth thee forever. You are my joy.»

Jesus invites me to build the kingdom with Him. I am waiting your answer. I will be « in communion » of your Joy. Through the Eucharist, I love the other in you.

« Remain in my love » « I live in the Light of God »
How can we grow in love ? Through spiritual offering.

« I will seduce her and speak to her heart »
« Fulfill all the dreams you have for me » « When we permit God to look upon us we are never alone »

At times one does not see clearly, that is being incapable of discerning the meaning of our life. Come Holy Spirit
It is time for Commitment