The Center for Psychological and Spiritual Growth

offers you

Here are 30 meetings: in group the 1st week and individual the second
week for $ 200.00. if registered before July 1st: $ 10.00 discount. I am waiting for you.

When? The first Tuesday of September from 4:15 pm to 5:45 pm (in group). The individual meeting according to our schedule.

Where? Saint Hyacinthe (QC). Tel: 450-250-CCPS (2277)

By whom? By Jenny, spiritual catholic guide.

For whom? For all seeking guidance. I speak only french, but I am studying english, now. I am not perfactly bilingual. If you have a translater, a bilingual person, you may participate.

Free appointment prior, is necessary to get acquaint one another. This is when you decide your commitment for one year, at a time in an atmosphere of prayer, as a follower of Ignace’s Loyola, a true disciple of Christ.

Ask to speak to the person in charge of the

Centre for Psychological and Spiritual Grow (CCPS):
Jenny, spiritual guide

A second possibility would be to take the EVC with Skype, depending on the number of people who have this software by paying Paypal, but you will inderstand that the ideal is to really attend the encounters in St Hyacinthe.

A third option on Skype, for a duration of 30 weeks, on Wednesday after Labor Day at 13:30 p.m.; one week is teaching; the other week is the individual Skype support, starting the other week according to our schedule.
Price $ 190.00 if registered before July 1st: $ 10.00 discount

According to your needs, psychological consultation about:
8 hours in individual / 15 and 7 hours / 15 in group SAVINGS: $ 1550.00