Jenny and her collaborators

Hello dear collaborators!

With pleasure, here is the logo of the CCPS

The origin of this logo?

It began from the reading of John 15:16

«It is not you who has chosen me: but I who have chosen you and who formed you so you may go and bear fruit, a fruit which will last ».



The sower came out to sow (Matt 13:4)

«... a mustard seed... which becomes a tree, where birds find shelter in its` branches.
(Matt 13: 31-32).

A voice cries in the desert: Prepare the way of the Lord... (Matt 3,3).

«And I said: In vain did I tire, did I wear out my energy... Yaweh has spoken: I will make you the light of nations so my salvation will extend to the extremity of the earth».

Isn’t this the mission of a WEB site?

Who is the leader of this growth?

Thanks to the Word, of course! Thanks to Mary who carried the Word; thanks to all the heaven! And thanks to the earth also; thamks to you, dear collaborators!

What is the role of a collaborator?

Simpley OFFER all the positive and negative daily events: it is the spirituality of offering: so well known to the Jesuites, according to fondations of Loyola, Teilhard of Chardin, and to Pope Francis.

OFFER through love, in confidence, not once and for all, but each time that the Word, that Christ inspires us.

as Ignatius would say in his motto.

Who are the collaborators of the CCPS?

Seekers of God..

To each one, I ask with joy, the permission to submit their name and I Iinscribe as a collaborater to CCPS:

with all my heart, all my efforts, all my prayers, I want to answer to his call: «to bear fruit and a fruit which lasts» for the greatest glory of God.

And you, do you want become a collaborator of CCPS?


Simply by offering your daily positice and or negative events for the CCPS?

Do any sick want to offer their sufferings for the CCPS?

Give me their name and with their consent, their name will appear with the precious collaborators of the CCPS.

This way, you sponsor them by giving their name if they so wish and you can give them news of the Center of psychological and spiritual Growth which will soon appear on the welcome of the WEB site:

Such a treasure! This is what Mother Teresa did.

Some persons accepted to inscribe their name; others preferred to remain annymous. All are respected in Ignatius’ castle, but I like to do justice to those who collaborate.

List of collaborators of CCPS

Here we are :

Men Collaborators

Père René Larochelle

Abbé Georges Benoît

Réal Giroux

Dominique Giroux

Claude Bellemare

Abbé Marcel Rainville

Jacques Catudal (c j e s depuis 27 ans)

Michel Giroux

Women Collaborators

Jenny Martin

Soeur Yvonne Lapolice

Monique Bérard

France Boivin

Yvette Bérard

Rita Fournier

Diane Lépine

Julie Graveline

Anna Taillefer

Aurélia Bazinet

Marie Katrine Crête

Nicole Leblanc

Les religieuses Adoratrices du Précieux Sang de Saint-Hyacinthe

Sœur Pauline Johnson

Yvette Gauvin

Soeur Lise Gagné


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