What is spiritual accompaniment?

When I accompany a person, I am listening to the person, in all my being, to "with my gut" and I am also listening with my heart what the Lord wants to say to her, so she may be warmed by his personal love and mine. The Lord speaks to her heart and in my heart. I am entirely attentive. I emphasize her interior richness. I admire all the flowers that grow in her secret garden. I water the flowers, so they grow and if sometimes I see weeds that can choke the flowers I pull them out to allow the flowers to flourish.

For whom are the EVC, the spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius ? People in every day life. One can be passionate in his work; passionate in love, passonate in affection for our family. How can one be succesful in a business without being passionate? How can one last in love without a faithfull passionate love? How can someone take care of a sick child without passionate affection throurhout all the sickness?

If you are a passionate person, we will get along well. We will walk together. If you are a passionate person and want to succeed on an interior pilgrimage, a journey is assured., provided, however, to have a moment of reflection in the morning to brighten your day and another moment of reflection when night falls. There is no magic in life. Only learn to enjoy all the little pleasures that are available to us in a day, learn to review our family affections, and why not enliven them? Rediscover a passionate God who loves you, me, us, require moments of peace, serenity, reflection,experimentation.

Here we are at the castle of Ignatius